Advanced GIS with FOSS

In this advanced course we will take you on a tour through some popular parts of the FOSS GIS toolset, focussing on desktop GIS. Our aim is to make you comfortable with FOSS GIS tools for doing spatial analysis and running production workflows. Tools we will use include QGIS, PostGIS, GRASS, Python, GDAL/OGR, various QGIS plugins and more.

Assuming you know the basics of QGIS, or at least are an experienced GIS user, we will explore more advanced functionality. 

QGIS tools:
  • The Processing Panel
    • QGIS Processing
    • GRASS
    • SAGA
    • OTB
    • GeoServer 
  • Python console / command line
  • Intro to Python plugin development
  • image processing
  • advanced editing
  • advanced spatial analysis
  • production workflows
  • and more - we will try to adapt to your requirements!

PostGIS is the spatial database you need to know about. We will do a brief overview, assuming a working knowledge of SQL and spatial database concepts. The focus will be on using PostGIS for:
  • advanced spatial analysis
  • advanced data management
  • performance tuning and configuration for production
Command Line 

Power GIS users come down to the cli to do the cool stuff... Whether you need to do a single task, set up a batch process or write a more complex script, the cli is your friend, where you can get more done faster, without laboriously clicking buttons. 
  • bash
  • SQL
  • Python
  • QGIS Python API
  • GDAL/OGR and utilities

This price includes meals and venue (you'll bring your own device).
Price includes DVDs with software, course material and data and a certificate of attendance.

CPD: 2 point (category 1b)

Five days: R7500 (excl VAT)

T&Cs apply