Introduction to QGIS

This is an introductory-level course. So if you are new to GIS, new to FOSS GIS or are experienced in other GIS software and want to find out how to do your work in QGIS, this course is for you.

Quantum GIS (QGIS) is the ideal professional desktop GIS for any application.

Our aim is to make you comfortable with FOSS GIS tools for your day to day GIS work. QGIS provides a compelling alternative to proprietary GIS in many situations. We will start by installing QGIS, then take you through the workflow of loading data from disparate sources, creating data from scratch, data analysis and producing a professional map suitable for delivery to a decision maker. We will also take a look at some of the many plugins available for QGIS and touch on the use of GRASS within QGIS. Lastly we will look at how QGIS can be integrated into a multi-user enterprise environment by using it as a web services and geospatial database client.

Geospatial Data in PostGIS

PostGIS is a spatial database that is the perfect working companion to QGIS. Extend your course by two days with our Introduction to PostGIS course. 

This price includes meals and venue (you'll bring your own device).
Price includes DVDs with software, course material and data and a certificate of attendance.

CPD: 1 point (category 1b)

QGIS only: 3 days: R4500 (excl VAT)

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