Q. When are the courses?
A. See the Schedule page and browse through the calendar. Also see the course choice dropdown on the Registration page.

Q. How much are the courses?
A. These are professional commercial courses, available at competitive rates, charged in South African Rands (ZAR). See the Courses section where each course description includes pricing details.           

Q. Where are the courses?
A. See the Location section and course descriptions.

Q. What is the duration of these courses?
A. Read course descriptions. Generally one week (five working days).

Q. Will there be any jobs available after attending these courses?
A. We cannot offer you a job after attending a course.

Q. Are there any sponsorships available to attend the course?
A. No sponsorships are available.

Q. Does the price of the course include accommodation and transport?
A. No, every attendee needs to organise his/her own transport and accommodation.